Paris. The Conservatoire National de Musique. A great concert pianist, Lexus Blue, will fulfill a dream his mother, a pianist, was unable to achieve. Despite his missing pinkie finger, Lexus Blue will embrace his journey to success, discovering the Paris Boheme of jazz clubs, unexpected marvelous encounters and shining opportunities He goes there seeking fame, only to become involved with drugs and a love triangle that includes a French artist and a jazz singer.

The first act begins with Lexus as a child at the piano with his mother, who is giving him a piano lesson. She dies of a brain tumor when he is fourteen. He is then raised by Dr. Phillipe, a piano professor who helps him to fulfill his dream of being a concert pianist; which leads him to studying piano at the Paris Conservatory. Next, it takes us through Lexus and Anne Claire’s first experience of falling in love. It introduces Kasera, the young African-American jazz singer whom Lexus becomes fascinated by. It also takes us through Lexus’s friendship with Olivier, a student at the Conservatory who leads him to experiment with drugs, which eventually leads Lexus to addiction.

The second act speaks of Lexus’s growing drug addiction but also shows a growing Lexus, soon in the middle of a love triangle between a French artist, an American journalist and a jazz singer. Lexus overcomes all of this to fulfill his dream, though not without tragic consequences.

Play the Music Softly is a rich, entertaining and moving story that will transport you in the midst of the Paris of the Arts as you will walk along extraordinary talented pianist Lexus Blue on his route to the stars and stones of life. This is all done through the weaving of very diverse music, including classical, jazz, popular, and even reggae.

“Be happy for this moment for this moment is your life.” The exploration of happiness driven by emotional love is what I think we as human beings strive to achieve on many different levels. I try to give through music and writing my own vision of what I see.  My musical, Play the Music Softly explores happiness, love, sorrow and joy in a simple story of want and need. I believe we as human beings want and need many things, but it is our individual decisions and choices between what we want and what we really need that can truly shape our destiny. I create musical compositions that are full of passion and that manifest wide ranges of emotions. I wrote my first poem and musical composition at the age of ten, and since then I have been living my life with the same youthful passion and emotion that I believe helped create the story, Play the Music Softly. The story takes place in Paris, a place I’ve been fascinated by for nearly twenty years since my first visit there. This fascination helped inspire scenes, sounds and characters that you will meet in Play the Music Softly.

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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
It’s loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower of quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”

         --John Keats

“Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory--
Odours, when sweet violets sicken, Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.”

         --Percy Bysshe Shelley

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